Hong Kong Palace (Level 2) – Taiwanese Club / PRC Joint

Hong Kong Palace – Taiwanese Club / PRC Joint

Address: 2 Aliwal St #02-01 Singapore 199895 (Level 1 is pure flower joint, level 2 is more chill)

Opening Hours: 9pm – 3am

1st set begins at around 10pm

Type: Taiwanese Club / PRC Joint

Price: $30 a jug all night

Review: We are referring to level 2 of the club (Level 1 is a PRC pure flower joint) which is more chill. You will need to take the lift on the right side near the back of the front entrance to go to level 2. You can check with the friendly staff at level 1 on how to get to level 2 as well. Waiters/waitresses are very professional and attentive, will ask for your name and help you refill drinks / ice / tidbits etc.

Band is available on certain nights, Taiwanese singers are more decent as compared to PRC Singers. Joint is medium sized with KTV rooms available at the back and sides of level 2. Slightly more than 10 Taiwanese, many many more PRCs. Minimum flower is $50 but flower girl is not pushy. Overall still not a bad place to be if you like Taiwanese Joints.

Please help by leaving your comments / updates / field reports / reviews about this place at the comments section below! Thanks!


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