Sonar by Neverland – Taiwanese Joint / Korean Joint / Singapore Joint / Thai Disco

Sonar by Neverland – Taiwanese Joint / Korean Joint / Singapore Joint / Thai Disco

(Updated as of 1 August 2013)

Sonar Sign

Facebook Page:

Address: 442 Orchard Road, Orchard Hotel, Singapore, Singapore 238879

Opening Hours: 9.30pm – 5am


Happy Hour (Before 12am):

1 Jug – $20

1 Tower – $68

1 Bottle Martell – $188

Non-Happy Hour:

1 Jug – $38

1 Tower – $98

1 Martell – $220

August Promotion:

Sunday all night, all promos below applicable:

Mondays – 1 Bottle of Martell / Chivas / Glenlivet / Absolute Vodka – $178 (After 3am)

Tuesdays – Twin Tower – $128 (After 3am)

Wednesdays – 3 Buckets of 5 Heineken Bottles – $138 (After 3am)
Review: The previous TAB, the new Sonar is revamped! Opens later now at 9.30pm and 1st set of performance starts at 10.30pm. Overall a very great place with nice, friendly and entertaining staff. Management did a very well job into revamping this place into the latest asian fusion joint! Not to be missed if you like Taiwan and Korean Joints in Singapore! Probably the next best thing for the Korean crowd after Embassy.  This is what I call a true blue Asian Fusion drinking joint!

Staff to Tables Ratio *:

Singaporeans – 1 / 5

Taiwanese – 4 / 5

Koreans – 3 / 5

*To avoid disclosing the exact number of staff, staff to table ratio is our new indicator of coyote to the number of tables in the joint. A rating of 5 would indicate that there would be enough staff for every table!

Please help by leaving your reviews / updates / field reports / comments of the place in the comments section below! Thanks!







3 thoughts on “Sonar by Neverland – Taiwanese Joint / Korean Joint / Singapore Joint / Thai Disco

  1. Nice place to watch singer perform and listening to their songs. But the Taiwanese and Korean girls are a disappointment with lousy service! They are just a bunch of flower vase who won’t bother to come to your table if you are drinking beer. They always go to those client sitting in VIP sofa table. It’s not that i don’t have $ to buy them flowers or lady’s drink. The Thai girls are definitely more worth for spending $ on them with their friendly, sporting attitude!

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