Embassy – Korean Joint / Thai Disco

Embassy – Korean Joint / Thai Disco
(Updated as of 5 August 2013)
Embassy Sign

Facebook Page:



Address: 331 North Bridge Rd, Odean Towers, Singapore 188720 (ex supper club / ex soul)

Opening Hours: 9.30pm – 6am

Reservations: 9851 8922

Type: Korean Joint / Thai Disco


Happy Hour ( before 10pm) :

Tower: $68
Martell: $178

Non-Happy Hour:
Tower: $88
Martell: $218

August 2013 Promotion:
2 bottles of Martell and 1 bottle of Bleu champagne – $488
1 Mr Big (1.5L) Beer – $42 (after 2am on weekdays and after 3am on weekends)
Review: Hottest Korean Joint in Singapore, relatively small place with almost 20 Koreans. Around 40 Thais with Thai band and singers. VIP at level 2 has a minimum spending of $400 on weekdays and $600 on weekends. Some of the Koreans are really cute and hot and so are some of the Thais. Very competitive working environment (please bring your own cup cover if you are sitting beside the stage so that the confetti doesn’t fall in). Great place to be if you like Koreans or Thais. One of their very talented korean singer is back again! So you can expect a very professional music experience except that maybe the Thais shouldn’t be singing Chinese songs… The drummer is also exceptionally good! On the menu the boneless chicken wings taste great! It comes served like it has bones inside, but when you bite, viola no bones!
5 August 2013 Update:  New batch of Koreans will be here tonight!
Please help by providing your comments / updates / field reports / reviews about this place in the comments section below! Thanks!






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